Sunday, January 08, 2012

Planning a Sick Leave - 2012

Planning a Sick Leave, yes you read it right , It’s all about planning . And as Alan Lakein says “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Remember, you’ll always be reminded that you are an excellent resource and kind of indispensable to the organization when:

• You offer to resign
• Or, ask your Boss for a leave

Let’s not discuss resignation as that would need a bigger debate and focus on “Vacation Management” – ( “Holiday planning” is passé)

So here’s a step-by-step guide to Vacation Management.

Step 1 : Jot down the list of Public Holidays for 2012 , key is to note the Day on which a holiday is falling .
Step 2 : Memorize this by heart , I know you can mark it on your iPhone4 or BB , but memorizing this is always preferred so that you need not refer to your iPhone Calendar.
Step 3 : In case you have kids , match it with their holiday calendar . Remember , you should never encourage your kids to take leave because :
• You are paying for their school education, so the more they are in school, better value for your money.
• Second, your parents also did the same to you , so you must avenge on your kids.

Step 4 : List all the holidays falling on Fridays or Mondays or even Thursday , these are the ones which you have to focus. Ex : Jan 26th is falling on a thursday, so you get 4 days if you "fall" sick on Jan 27th.
Step 5 : Now visit all those Travel websites, negotiate, and book in advance for 4 nights and 5 Days. Yes , I said Book without checking with your Boss even if the travel advisor won’t refund your money on cancellation
Step 6 : Now , after you delivered a task on time , and your Boss is in good mood and faffing with you , broach the topic that you intend to go for a short vacation in that month – Never , ever reveal the dates , just month. If he sounds “approving” , say thanks and apply formally but after a couple of days.
Step 7 : If he doesn’t sound to be listening , forget it , who cares.
Step 8 : When you reach the week of your vacation , reach office late on a day prior and say you went to see doctor and keep coughing in the office , Don’t overdo though.
Step 9 : Proceed to Lonavala as scheduled but do drop a text to your Boss “ Unwell , Just went through some blood tests, may be , shall try reaching office in the evening , if possible. Can you please ask Ramesh to attend the strategy call on my behalf
Step 10 : Enjoy , Repeat as necessary but don’t over do.

Before I forget , here is the list of Hoildays for 2012 -

Here is an interesting Sick Leave Planner which I got as an email forward ! (click to enlarge )
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