Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vacationing, take it easy!

I am not at all an expert in travelling or vacationing, but when everyone else is busy giving ‘gyan’ then why not me.

Holiday / Vacation – Time away from normal employment or education called as vacation when (usually) spent away from home or in travelling.
Tea Gardens - Munnar
Most of us take vacation, reasons may be different though:
  • Break from Job, Boss or both.
  • Succumbing to family pressure – vacation demand.
  • Love for travelling or nature.
  • Claiming LTA ( Indian govt. Sector would understand this)
  • Just because your neighbor, friend or colleague keep boasting about their vacation.
  • Your brother in law from US gifted you a Nikon D 40.
  • Fed up of watching others’ vacation pics on Facebook.
  • To avoid wife's home cooked food.
You may have other reasons for taking a vacation, but do take a vacation once a while, other than giving you a break it also gives your maid some rest. Well, if you are thinking that I'll give you some tips on vacationing with your maid - stay away, one guy just lost his job because of a maid.

As I said I am going to give some gyan on Dos n Donts about vacationing, here I begin.
  • Don’t plan too much, it’ll hardly work.
  • Travel Lite, no point in carrying that new dress where no-one knows you.
  • Never ever carry a checklist of the “sites / points” to cover, take it easy.
  • No need to stretch yourself to visit one more site – “Now that we have come so far, let’s see that 'Sunset point' also”.
  • Enjoy the local food – Why the hell you would like to have Paneer butter masala and rajma chawal in Kerala?
  • Your Camera is to capture what you like, but first enjoy the view. There’s nothing better than capturing the beauty in your own memory through the twin lenses called eyes.
  • Forget Facebook and Twitter, updates can happen later - soak in the moment.
  • Trust local people, your driver, waiter, guide - everyone’s not a thug.
  • Treat waiters with respect, you have bought the food only not the restaurant or the waiter.
  • Don’t feel guilty just because you spend the day sleeping, you’ve come to relax, unwind and enjoy.
  • Avoid blackberry, iphone – your office can run without you.
  • Take it easy, there's always a next time.