Saturday, March 05, 2011

I accept responsibility

“I accept responsibility”. I know that you know who said this, but before you jump your guns, take a pause, and think about it. This is not that three word sentence that every teenager keeps on muttering to other teenager of  opposite sex (some times same sex also). It’s deep.

Saying this is not easy, just try remembering when did you last say this. On that BMI scale, I am overweight by 10kg, still, I blame my wife, mother, office and Ray Krok for this.

Last time I heard something similar from a person holding public office( need not google, this is my own definition of public office) was Steve Jobs. He didn't say this exactly, but he was close, and the kind of person he is, saying this was more than enough- “We're not Perfect”.
Now let's not compare the two epic personalities because they are altogether different -

One of them wears a blue turban and other blue denims. One of them did complete his studies to get a doctorate while other dropped out from the college

One is a leader who is widely respected by other leaders and even Newsweek Magazine said "the leader other leaders love" while other is hated, possibly by all so called leaders sitting in their corner offices. 

One of them takes his own decisions and hardly listens, yes only one of them.

One is ever willing to resign and retire while other came back even after getting sacked , and wants to be at the helm always.

Only similarity I see is that succession for both is an issue.

So all I want to say is when these two can accept responsibility, why can't we?

Be it our work-life or personal life, our relationships, our commitment to our society, family and friends, let's be courageous enough to say -  "I accept responsibility".