Friday, April 30, 2010

Twitter is not easy , So is Life!

Though I created my twitter account more than a year back but got active on twitter only recently ( @vikaspgoel ). The whole idea of being able to say some thing meaningful in < 140 characters , excites me . Now after more than 500 tweets , have learnt that Twitter is not easy , so is life !

Life also doesn't give you long to prove your self , here its 140 characters that's it.

You work hard to get followers on twitter , so in life ! - After 500 tweets , all i have is a set of 36 followers

You think you are at wittiest best , and never get quoted ( Read RT )

You say smart things in forums / meetings , still don't get mentioned.

You ask questions to leaders , managers but don't get answers.

You get jealous of peers for having more than you inspite of your calibre - how come his followers are more than yours

People take credit of others' work - Read RT without mention

You quietly admire people still don't acknowledge - checking timelines but yet not follow

You admire people just because others' admire - tend to follow who got more follwers

You are serious and people ridicule you - replying with a smiley

You never know actually how many like you - may be 3600 followers check my timeline but not follow me :)

Twitter is not easy , So is Life!