Monday, May 24, 2010

Peter , Repeater and ReTweeter!

Santa planned name of his boy - Peter – But had twins so named them Peter n Repeater . Thank God he was not on twitter , else would have Tweeter and Retweeter .
Actually , ReTweeter is the fastest growing community in this world , and there are many types of ReTweeters .

My timeline has some of the most interesting types of ReTweeters* , Let me start calling names!

Only RTers: Retweet the moment it hit types : With eyes glued on their timelines , they simply RT anything and every thing.
Worship RTers: These are the ones who actually worship many of them they follow , so if their GOD has tweeted , has to be Retweeted , irrespective of the content! Sometimes if Sachin goes to the Loo and say’s going to the loo – they RT.
Add a bit RTers: Read the tweet , if interesting , start thinking what can be added , then add a word or two and there you go !
WTF RTers: I love this phrase and can be added to most of the tweet , so they RT and just add prefix WTF!
LOL RTers: Other phrase which can be prefixed to dumb or hilarious tweets , so prefix and hit RT.
Thanks RTers: if you have been RTed , you should thank. So this kind RT listing all the handles who have RTed them . Some of them actually post 7-8 tweets in asecond as they have to thak many. They add exclaimations ranging from Thanks to Luv , Hugs n Kisses for RT . Remember Bryan Adams : Just RTed to say …… I thank you!
Obligated RTers: Well if last time he / she RTed ur tweet , its your obligation to RT –so RT to return the favor.
Gang RTers: Well if the Tweet is from a member of the gang , it has to ReTweeted
Never RTers: SRK when would you start RTing

Btw , what ever category you are in , please feel free to RT me , I never mind.

*: List is not exhaustive , so feel free to challenge , add , comment .

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why the hell I tweet?

Am about to reach my 1000th tweet , that means must have wasted around 1,40,000 character's of twitter space- may be would have added to some carbon foot print also . No worries , shall plant some trees (virtually on twitter).

I think twitter is gross waste of time , and is seriously affecting my career , personal and professional life - must tell that was about to fall off the treadmill running at a speed of 10km/hr because tried tweeting while running .

Well that's not the only pitfall of being on twitter as there is always a hospital near by to fix you up , should you fall of the treadmill . Real issue is curiosity ? There is nothing more intriguing in life than twitter .

Even after having tweeted 1000 tweets and following 100 people , some questions remain un answered :

- How to resist temptation of tweeting amidst an important meeting , driving , jogging or ****ing etc etc?

- Why some tweets carry only #hashtags and twitter handles and nothing else?

- WTF does FTW means ?

- @jhunjhunwala is so rude still people standup when he "arrives"?

- What the hell is "you follow me , i'll follow you" concept?

- How come @rameshsrivats is so funny yet many other suck?

- Who is @spymaami?

- Once on twitter , how to think beyond 140 characters in daily life?

- How come @sidin 's mediocre tweet is retweeted by 100 people and no one looks at most wittiest of my tweets?

- What's the logic of @toptweets picking tweets , how come my tweet has never been re tweeted?

- Why do some people just keep retweeting left right n centre?

- How come two genuine people @amancool5 and @ashwinsanghi and some 50 other still following me and the rest of the ******** are going crazy about Bieber , Jieber or what ever that ******** is ?

- finally , after all this , WHY THE HELL I @vikaspgoel TWEET?