Saturday, November 23, 2013

How can I take a leave from work?

Marc Driscoll, HR Head of PWC, says not every Indian is keen to take a break from work. "One in four employees here do not avail leaves. This is crazy". 

This actually may be the case in India, people here still feel guilty when they avail leaves. I know of many people who actually fake illness sometimes even illness of their family members, kids, to take a leave which they are entitled to. This is really sick, but happens frequently. 

Here I list some of the possible reasons as to Why Indians may not be taking enough leaves. 

I think fear of Boss could be the first and foremost reason for such behavior. "So much work pending, how can I even ask Boss that I need a leave". Being present for more days in office is yet seen as being more productive, at least in some organisations, by some Bosses.

I even see lack of passion or a hobby as a reason to not think of taking leave. "what the hell will I do on a leave, rather do some work only".

Free Coffee, AC and may be even Lunch. May sound silly yet may be the reason for some.

Vacations cost, yes. Indian working middle class may also think that even if they take leaves, they unnecessarily end up spending money on vacation, so better not take leave only.

Bachelors, and people starting their career. "Dude, first 10 years of my career I will slog, make money and then enjoy rest of the life, may even retire at 40". So for a distant, unseen future, they are spoiling their present by not taking leaves.

It's not that it is only about the employees, even some organisations allow people to accumulate their leaves and sometimes en-cash them for money. This actually means a person is losing on cash when he takes a leave. So, taking a leave may mean losing out on cash.

There may be more reasons for people not taking leave but all I can see there are infinite reasons for taking that leave, try it.