Tuesday, December 13, 2011

That guy and an office party!

If you work with any organization which has more than 2 people, and where they give you free coffee, in all likelihood you would have attended An Office Party.  For many middle class employees (read Asst Vice President and below) , office parties are nothing but a wild card entry to the free booze and food.

Your office may give you any reason for these parties, but the untold ones are-
  • Completion of a project without any major (known) goof-up.
  • HR telling managers that informal gatherings help increase team morale.
  • Finance realizing that there’s still some budget left and year is about to end.
  • Achievement of sales targets without counting sale-returns.
  • Getting an award from a News Channel or a Print Media where you’re the biggest advertiser.
  • Manager’s wife and kids are out of town and cook is not coming.
Anyhow, why bother with the real reason, when one gets a chance to see that their not-so-middle-class bosses also love free booze as much as the subordinates.

Office Parties are usually fun for all except for the rare-and-soon-to-be-extinct lot of people called teetotalers. These are the biggest misfit in any team, and if they happen to be a vegetarian also, God bless! In any office party, these species are distinctly visible & audible–“One fresh lime soda, sweet-salted please”.  Not only this, every snack that waiter brings, first thing they check- “Boss, Veg na?”

As if this was not enough, they also find it difficult to enjoy manager’s jokes. So what if it’s lame, no harm in giggling though.  When the happy-go-lucky are contemplating should it be another tequila, scotch or beer, these guys are found with their plates stuffed with that butter paneer, naan and daal makhani. 

Next time if there’s an office party, it’s better to give these Vegetarian Teetotalers free meal vouchers of “Sukh Sagar Veg  Bhojanalaya”.