Friday, December 29, 2006


Shahrukh Khan( SRK), This guy always leaves an impression when he talks , but what's he doing on blog about " great place to work" or "My Job sucks" ? . I heard him speaking " I always like what i do"

SRK on "loving my job"
"My responsibility is to entertain the audience. I take my job very seriously. But I don't take myself too seriously. I've never considered people's expectations to be a responsibility. I enjoy every film I do, and given the parameters we work in, I try to make each film as different as possible. I normally leave behind a film and start looking at the next one as soon as my shooting is over.
I've seen enough of what I thought were wonderful films falling. I may fall again. And again there will be talk about how I'm slipping"

SRK on Failure , "You haven't failed in three years!
"Well...there're people who'd say I'm just lucky. "Duplicate" didn't work. But I still love that film. I'm sure I got that right too. Sometimes my best isn't good enough. I know I am the best. But I don't say it any more. Because it was misinterpreted. I get up every morning and say it to myself, so I enjoy what I do. For the audience to believe in me, I've to believe in myself. People who have no knowledge of films are sitting in judgement over our cinema. It's okay. They're doing what they are because they don't know any better. They're doing their job. I'm doing mine. So far I've enjoyed it. And as long as I continue to enjoy it I'm sure my audience will enjoy watching me"

SRK on "Work life balance" , " What Next , SRK?
"But I think I should take a holiday to be with the kids every two-three months whenever the children have holidays. I'll also finish my book. It will be called "20 Years Of A Decade".

Do you like what you've written?
"I always like what I do".