Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Nothing sells without discount offers, be it electronics, garments, shoes, books, etc. You name the thing and it’s available at discount. Those were the times when it use to be annual feature ( usually around Diwali , Christmas in India) , then came “ Clearance Sales “ , “ Inaugural Discount” , “ Renovation Sale “ , “ Odd Lot Discount” , “ Factory Price” , “ Early Bird” & “ Seconds Sale” . Thanks to Wal Mart there are “ Every Day Low Price Offers” and these days complete Malls house only “ Discount Stores” .

What Next … ICICI Bank is offering discount of Rs. 50 on it’s follow on Public Issue. Good going, but what next?

Imagine ....A job prospect in his interview telling his interviewer that I'll offer you 15% discount on my current package if you hire me ..

Every thing comes for a price ( may be for a discount also )