Saturday, April 02, 2011

Cricket is not a religion!

Let me begin with a disclaimer that my knowledge of religion is limited. My knowledge of cricket is even more limited as till sometimes back I thought Sreesanth is a dancer cum water boy, fine leg reminded me of Bipasha in Dhoom and Mandira Bedi was only popular for her role in Shanti.

Ok, on the day of the cricket world cup final, let me admit here, my interest in cricket is much more than my religion and it has nothing to do with Poonam Pandey.

One thing I still believe in, is - Cricket is not a religion.
  • Did you ever see riots happening over cricket?
  • Do you know of any book on cricket which is banned?
  • Have you come across any cleric who said he’ll burn copy of “Sunny Days”?
  • Did your mom ever say that you can watch cricket only after taking bath?
  • Cricket unites but religion divides!
  • You think, the talented Poonam Pandey would ever undress for a religious party?
  • Today also, if a WC11 cricket match were to be hosted, Ram Lalla, Sunni Waqf Board and Nirmohi Akhara , all would offer their piece of land .
  • Have you seen political parties going mad over cricket?
  • Do you think this guy would have become God, had he followed religion instead of cricket?

And last , and the most, unlike religion , in Cricket there’s only one God.