Friday, February 25, 2011

Why people resign?

Usually I put a disclaimer at the end, but this being a sensitive issue, let me begin with it.

This is purely a work of friction, any resemblance to you, your boss, colleague or workplace is purely co-incidental. Also, it has got nothing to do with Hosni Mobarak’s resignation as you’ll find even worse dictators at your work place.

Let’s begin with - Why do you work ?

I know, it’s all about serving the society, giving back the nation what you got from it, to contribute to the government exchequer through taxes, to achieve that highest thing called “self actualisation” in Maslow’s need hierarchy.

Enough, cut the crap, It’s all about money, honey. How else you'll buy that $700 iPhone4 to make a phone call, with known network issues.

Now that we have narrowed down to the reason why you work, let’s see why people resign from one organisation to join another organisation.

I interviewed 321 Vice Presidents (names withheld to avoid making them popular)  in the First Class compartment of Mumbai Local, Virar to Churchgate , result was : “People leave managers not companies” .

I know some of you agree to it , but this is like saying “I read playboy for its articles”

So you tell me that your Boss sucks, steals credit for your job, does favouritism, doesn’t know as much as you do, get paid for just sucking-up, But, It’s like saying most politicians are corrupt or Uday Chopra is a bad actor.

When did you last meet a person who said “I love my Boss” or if at all you find a place where people love their Bosses, why the hell they’ll pay you to work there.

I know your boss may be a jerk, but how can you resign and join other unknown jerk - Don’t you know that “Known Devil is better than unknown God”

So, if you choose to resign, don’t give that crap that it’s because of your difficult Boss - It’s all because you find some other “free coffee place with double ff aka office", which is paying you more .

In the end, It’s all about money, honey.
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