Sunday, November 09, 2008

Work-Life Balance !- What's that ?

Earlier also i have dwelled upon this topic but lately i have realsied that its actually "worklife balance" is a misnomer , the very concept of work life balance is flawed .

Actaully we don't seek balance between work and life ( for some work can be life ), we seek balance between What we love to do and What we don't love .

Its generally assumed that work is what we don't love but, Is this always true ? Most of the time yes but not always . One of my biggest inspiration seems to be the film indsutry .

Recently I was watching Karan Johar interviewing Abhishek , John , Bobby & Priyanka on his new movie "Dostana" . All four said one thing , " We had great fun shooting for this movie at Miami". While all of them were actually working ,they had fun so if we ask them may be they don't seek what others called worklife balance.

Ask Shahrukh Khan , he also says - " I enjoy what I do" .

So when we say we seek worklife balance , one thing is sure that we agree that we don't enjoy our work that much .

The ideal way is to find what you love doing and try earning your living out of that , if you are not that lucky, try - having friends at work , develop genuine friendship at your workplaces .With freinds around work is less gloomy.

Have fun at work ( while it lasts , did some one say - layoff? )