Saturday, July 27, 2013

Short, Dark & Fat !

Dark is beautiful! 
‘Dark is beautiful’! Of Course, what big deal! For ages, we have been saying ‘Tall, Dark & handsome’, so what is new around it. 

Oh wait, we are talking about women. That ‘Dark’ in Tall, Dark and Handsome was for men. For women, they have to be fair to be pretty, that’s what we have been told, since ages, till now.

Then this campaign ‘Dark is beautiful’ caught my eye. It touches heart I must say, and it is very much required, yes even in these times. Till when we will keep fooling around with euphemisms like ‘wheatish’ for ‘dark women’. Dark is beautiful. Thank You, Nandita Das.

But, why end here. Why the hell one needs to be ‘Tall’. Why not ‘Short is beautiful’ as well. I am really fed up of brands like Complan, Bournvita, Horlicks advocating superiority of tall kids over short and boasting about how their products help kids getting taller. Sick. 

Imagine, these ads are shown on kids’ channels. At that tender age, we are seeding them with the notion that being short is not good. May I request Sachin or Aamir to bust the myth and bring this much needed change as well – ‘Short is beautiful’.

Other thing we need to tackle is this notion about being ‘Fat’. I understand obesity can be unhealthy. But why being plump is not beautiful. Boman Irani, can you help please!. (I would have said Sonakshi Sinha, pretty and certainly not thin, but not sure If she also thinks the same).

I wish ASCI does something and ask these companies to not only withdraw these ads but issue apology as well.