Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I must say that after doing jobs for a couple of years or more , we all realize that all that matters to make any place a “great place to work” is the job itself . What you are doing is what matters . If you get a job that entices you , even if it’s not exactly your hobby but you enjoy doing it , you’ll call any place a Great place to work.

Let me caveat this , do ensure that you check out for these things before you take up any new job.

Job Description
It’s the brief of your job containing your key responsibilities , key relationships and at times even authorities . It’s the brief which is given to the consultants by the organizations for hiring . Do ask for it , this is what would constitute your core job. Once you get this , make sure to discuss the same with HR or the Functional Managers to ensure that your understanding is correct. It’s never guaranteed that you’ll do exactly as the written thing but your job would certainly revolve around this.

Organization Structure
The corporate web you need to know . Ask clearly where do you fit in the organization chart . Be clear on your supervisor (s) , direct reports , indirect reports , people you need to have working relationship . Gather details about their scope of job & their grades

Designation / Hierarchy
Nothing is more confusing in life that this , there are internal designations , functional designations , bands , grades and what not .

Example : One person could be Deputy Vice President at Grade 3A and his business card reading as Director – Procurement .

Well you need to check what would be your functional designation ( usually what appears on your business card or to external world ) , your internal designation & your position in the hierarchy ( band or grade ).

Always consult people to find contacts in the organization you are planning to join , ask questions , ask more questions and then take your own call , All the best