Saturday, September 24, 2011

Writing it off !

Writing is not easy, writing regularly is even more difficult. Hats off to people like Madhavan Narayanan , Sidin Vadukut, Jhunjhunwala, Faking News and many others who write regularly, week after week and write bloody well.

I try writing on weekends and my cues are usually on current affairs, on Bollywood or Corporate Life ( an oxymoron though). I wrote twice about Bollywood movies; ZNMD & MBKD, and both the movies did financially well. I thought, this week too, let me go and spend 1000 bucks on watching Mausam and write about it, was afraid that it my spoil my track record of writing about “Box Office Hit Movies". I also wanted to save money for the iphone5,  and dropped the idea.

Clueless about what to write, this Paris Hilton thing happened. Like all seasoned researchers I also started my research with google.  Within 0.13 seconds, I got 143,000,000 results.  Now google pointed me to pages that cannot be opened without  declaring “Continue, I’m over 18” and then putting the “family filter” off.  With kids around, I shelved the plan and decided to do a "safe" twitter search and landed on her twitter page. 
Bio : Model, Actress, Singer, Brand, Business Woman, Fashion Designer, Author, Philanthropist and Empire.
I always thought she is just famous for being filthy rich and releasing her short videos which people in India call MMS. She has close to 4.8 million followers which is almost 100 times the followers our very own and equally talented Poonam Pandey has. I think India got her wrong, she’s much more than what India think she is famous for.
Still, I thought let me tweet something about her to check what people want and in a few tweets realized that men want to “see” more of her not “read” about her, dropped the idea of writing about her.

Then, this Vinod Kambli’s pic caught my attention. Later I realized that he has announced his retirement from cricket. Retirement!! I don’t follow cricket that keenly but atleast know this much that he’s not even part of any Ghatkopar or even Kandivali east cricket team, then what the hell is this retirement. Any how, wishing him the best of “retired” life, I moved on.

Continuing with cricket, I noted that Shoaib Akhtar is trending on twitter. Came to know that the guy is in India to promote his new book. Already disturbed with the fact that every Tom, Dick and Banker has taken up writing, Shoaib’s new book really upset the aspiring writer in me.  Still Ok, but what the hell is there to trend. OMG, he said, “Sachin , Dravid were scared of me”.  So what big deal, he’s doing that for the publicity. Our Bollywood does these stunts every Friday.

Fed up with all this, I dropped the idea of writing all together this week.

Insignificantly Yours
Vikas Goel


crimsonshadows said...

I can understand that annoying feeling!

(Twitter handle: @flirtingshadows)

Vikas P Goel said...

Title courtesy @NagPingili and thanks to @flirtingshadows for reading the draft.

@NagPingili said...

Thanks Vikas, for the acknowledgement :).

We can say Kambli's 'retirement' is the funniest event of the week. More funnier than Shoaib The-Book-Selling Akhtar's claims. :D

Ankur said...

As always,lovely post...Keep writing :)...By the way,i was waiting for your mausam post to decide whether to go for the movie or not ;)

Vikas P Goel said...

Thanks @ankur, just decided to save money and time, "mausam" ka pata nahin kab bigad jaye :)

Issam said...

refreshing read... writing is indeed taxing. Regularly updating the blog having a day job and family calls for determination and focus.

Vikas P Goel said...

Thanks Issam, blogging is indeed taxing. 30% what to write, 20% actual content and 50% how to make people read your blog

Anonymous said...

Apropos Kambli; I remember when Venkatpathy Raju resigned years after he played his last international match. IIRC he had the audacity to call a presscon, where he made a formal announcement and even offered his services in future for betterment of domestic cricket. Some B-grade news channel like IndiaTV or something even made a mini-collection of his 'best moments' or something. I pity the guy who was tasked with that. No end of LOLathon that was!

(he did later become some coach, didn't he? - so probably the joke is on us)