Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ra.One Damn Damn!

Those who know me are well aware of my love for Bollywood, SRK in general and Himesh Reshamiya in particular. The best thing about this industry is that they are so passionate about the craft that they don’t give a damn about time and money – your time and your money.

Let’s discuss the two most awaited Bollywood releases this Diwali. No this is not a movie review, as in Bollywood it’s unethical to publish the review before you watch the movie. 

If you are connected to any form of media or simply put, if you’re alive, you would have heard about this movie. I am told that this is the Bollywood’s most expensive movie to date and will not be surprised if it’s the most expensive mistake of SRK’s life. This movie has also baffled the traditional MBA community who still think that the 4 Ps of marketing are Product, Price , Place and Promotion. New school of management, also known as MbaOne believes that there’s only one P of marketing and that is Promotion. On a serious note, this is known to be Bollywood’s most inclusive project ever, never before have a Tamil superstar, a Non Tamil Superstar and a Non Indian R&B superstar come together in a movie. Infact this American R&B artist, aka Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam, was so happy that he announced that he would like to perform more in India – Bryan Adams is worried.

The other movie worth mentioning is Damadamm! (exclamation mark is part of the name, not my expression ). If RaOne is the most expensive attempt , this one is the most audacious attempt. It features the Himesh Reshamiya who will once again prove that India has got talent. Unlike SRK, Himesh does not believe in opulence, be it music, singing or distribution , he’s all doing it by himself except for the female lead. His promotions too are simple testimonies of his friends and relatives, who say this Diwali they’ll just watch Damadamm! –SRK is worried . If SRK is boasting about ChamakChallo, Himesh says it’s UmraoJaan who’s the next Shiela . In fact, song is so popular that even SRK sings it when he’s mobbed by the fans. 

No touching no touching 
Only seeing only seeing 
No kissing no kissing 
Only seeing only seeing 

Chances are, that you’ll still end up watching at least one of these movies, and knowing you all, it’ll be the one who needs it most. Happy Diwali.