Saturday, August 21, 2010

Uday Chopra , Suzuki GSK-R1000K6 and Twitter

As you know, Bobby, my friend works with Twitter and takes care of the verification process at Twitter, narrated to me how Uday Chopra got his account verified.

Uday :  Hi, Is this Twitter? I am Uday. I need to get my Twitter account verified. And listen, I am in a hurry,  have to leave for a shoot.
Bobby: Sir , Kindly give me your full name and Isn't shooting illegal in India?
Uday:  Bugger, firstly,to be precise, I am the Uday Chopra and am talking about film shooting. You haven’t watched DDLJ ....
Bobby: Ya, Ya now I remember, were you SRK’s friend who wore a cap....
Uday:  Bugger, that was Karan Johar, ....any ways what about “ Mujhse Dosti Karoge”?
Bobby: Sir please , I am not that type and I have a girl friend..
Bobby: Yes Sir , there were 3 Suzuki bikes 1000 cc GSK-R1000K6 , 600 cc GSX-R600K6 and GSR600K6 and all are my favourite , Hrithik was excellent , Abhishek was Ok but there was one bugger who shouldn’t be even allowed to drive a Luna . By the way, Were you director of the movie ...?
Uday: Forget it , Did you see Pyaar Impossible ?
Bobby: Yes sir, we got some free passes  , free popcorn and a corner couple seat . So went with my girl friend . There was Priyanka Chopra in it.......
Uday:  ( interrupts and sighs with relief ) There you are , and I was Priyanka Chopra’s ....
Bobby: (Interrupting ) you should have told earlier sir . Your account is verified now . Completes the details - Uday Chopra , Brother of Priyanka Chopra .... .Hangs the phone.

PS: I am a big fan of Uday Chopra , and I promise that I’ll watch his movie whenever he does his "ACTING" debut.