Monday, June 25, 2007


Excuse me for writing about Google again , I'm obsessed with this company .
I was reading what makes it so great and happy to learn that It's not only it's ESOP , Free Food , Game Rooms , Massages , Happy Hours ( Thursday , 5PM) and so on. Most of the employees feel happy and satisfied because of it's "Culture" .
But the perks and the playfulness aren't why so many of the world's technophiles pine for a job at Google, named Fortune's 2007 "best company to work for," according to product manager Jonathan Rochelle.
"The perks give you a sense of feeling valued," Rochelle said. "But the most important thing for me is that I have what feels like the right amount of autonomy. I have a very high degree of decision-making power, and that doesn't mean I'm a senior person -- that's just the culture of Google. People take ownership of what they do and make decisions, so things get done quickly. Every day feels like a productive day."
Think through this , and answer this question " Would you like your kids ( when they grow up ) to join the organisation you are working for ? "

In the mean while ....If there's life on other planets, they are probably e-mailing their résumés to Google .