Saturday, November 27, 2010

Orkutiya - Verified by Orkut.

So , finally it’s here. This was pending for long and after witnessing surge in Orkuttish behaviour on Twitter , Orkut has joined hands with Twitter to identify people who deserve this very special  status “Verified by Orkut” or as popularly known as “Orkutiya”.

Soon you’ll know an Orkutiya , by looking at his DP , which will look something like this.
Before Verification

Verified by Orkut - Orkutiya

Though Orkut and Twitter have decided to keep the parameters highly confidential, still my friend Booby at Twitter has got some of the Algos which increase your chances of being a “Verified Orkutiya”.

Twitter Handle – Usually He’ll have an innocuous looking handle but some with strong Orkuttish feelings may have something like – @Rohit_Hunk, @SunilSecC, @Ronny_Handsome, @SunnyFrmAmbala or simply @Bobby86.

Bio – That’s where an Orkutiya is at it’s best . Though he has limited space to describe his feeling still , can say it all. “I am 22, doing MBA, interested in females of any age” . “I am fan of Akshay and Chetan Bhagat” or “I love Deepika Paducon, She is sooooo Sexi” but the real ones describe it all “I am Sunny, from Haryana, Jaat, 5’11, 21 interested in real fraandship”.

DP – Usually it’s a side profile Pic but the Real ones put pics of Salman , Sunny or Imraan or Akhsay , lately one was found using Chetan Bhagat's pic also.

Tweets – This is where , Twitter and Orkut have applied some really complex Algos , still some of the keywords / phrases could be :

“Fraandship” , “U from , “Friendship *thanks to auto correct some get it right*”, “looking for real luv”, “Just Fraands”, “Which College” , “my email id”, “U R very Beutiful” , “Just Fraands, Pliss, Pliss, Pliss”.

Now that you know it all , let me try define it.

Orkuitya (n) – Harmless creatures on Social Networking sites, like Orkut, Facebook and Twitter (in this order) , who always prowl for DP, TwitterHandle and then Bio ( in that order). They  start mildly , with “Hi” , but can reach 107 degree Orkuttish , very soon. If dealt properly, they are fun to deal with but in past some have been found with “True Love” and “Suicidal Tendencies” also.