Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why Ek Tha Tiger is a must watch. Must!

I very well know that a Salman Khan fan doesn't need a reason to watch this movie, yet, what's the harm in knowing some useful trivia which may change your life, or not. 

This one is a must watch, and here is why: 

You remember the real Hero of the movie Hum Aapke hain Kaun? Yes, I am talking about Tuffy – the Pomeranian dog. Liked him. So, ETT has got Rocket – the pug. Like Tuffy, Rocket also plays a pivotal part in bringing the couple together – Roshan Seth & Katrina Kaif.

I am sure you liked ZNMD which was about Spain Tourism and that round thing which you think is a vegetable but actually is a fruit. ETT is far better, not only this covers many more exotic locales like Cuba, Iraq, Turkey, Ireland & Punjabi Bagh, but also talks about exotic dishes like “punctured egg” and “Tangri Kabab”.

Yes, like every other Bollywood movie, there’s a message in ETT also - Always pursue a hobby. In difficult times, when you are sacked or have to leave your job, you can always use your craft to make money. It’s painting that saved the Tiger, else 23 lacs wouldn’t have been sufficient to survive in Turkey & Cuba.

This landmark film promotes Indo-Pak relations. Not only that, it also tells that if the Intelligence agencies of both the nations work together, promotes platonic relationships, Indian subcontinent can really rule the world.

I haven’t seen such thoughtful action sequences in any bollywood movie. To quote one, Salman Bhai realizes that Tram’s brakes are not working. Immediately jumps to the top of the train and stops the train by disconnecting the electricity supply using his blazer. No it doesn’t end there, he dusts off the blazer and wears it back, see, why waste Blazer. 

Last, and the most, an Indian movie releases on the Indian Independence Day and you’ll not watch it. Traitor!

Disclaimer: This is a fully paid review, yes, I paid for my tickets and popcorn.