Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pothole - Half Full or Half Empty.

Mumbai  to Mangalore , Delhi to Dhampur , Bathinda or Boston ( Yes , I said Boston ) , Potholes need no introduction , yet for the uninitiated and some inward-looking homely folks ,let me define it.

Pothole :             (noun) A pit or hole produced by wear or weathering (especially in a road surface).

I don’t understand why people crib about them or hate them , they are actually a God Gift ( see definition – weathering )  to Mankind through Roadkind . Still if some of you are  not convinced , allow me to put the  Potholes in the right perspective.

Inclusive :           It’s God’s own way of bringing the much needed inclusivity in our lives . Be it BMW or Scorpio , Kawasaki or Honda , Nano or Hummer , a pothole spares no one.
Omnipresent:      You may not find traffic police , working signal lights , traffic on the road but you’ll find a pothole – without fail.
Shapes:           As they say "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" – just have a closer look at a pothole  , you’ll see some real art-work in them , recently I saw a “India map shaped pothole” ( Not uploading picture because Kashmir was not represented accurately in that , and I would not like to get into any controversies).
Life Savers :       You know Speed thrills but Kills. But how many of you know that 1000's of accidents , every year ,  are prevented by these humble potholes , and the credit goes to speed - breakers . They are silent speed enforcers , so even if you miss the speed-limit sign , potholes would take care of your speed.
Perspective :     During rains , these beautiful natural wonders get filled with water – now its up to you to see if it’s half full or half empty.
Reminders:        Every pothole is inbuilt with an alarm and would remind you of your life insurance premium , your appointment with  Doc for backache , medical insurance and sometimes even need to visit a Temple , a Church or a Mosque.

Hope you got it .

Disclaimer :        This is neither an offer nor a solicitation to invest in potholes.  I or my family does not hold any interest, directly or indirectly in any of the potholes in India or outside.