Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pothole - Half Full or Half Empty.

Mumbai  to Mangalore , Delhi to Dhampur , Bathinda or Boston ( Yes , I said Boston ) , Potholes need no introduction , yet for the uninitiated and some inward-looking homely folks ,let me define it.

Pothole :             (noun) A pit or hole produced by wear or weathering (especially in a road surface).

I don’t understand why people crib about them or hate them , they are actually a God Gift ( see definition – weathering )  to Mankind through Roadkind . Still if some of you are  not convinced , allow me to put the  Potholes in the right perspective.

Inclusive :           It’s God’s own way of bringing the much needed inclusivity in our lives . Be it BMW or Scorpio , Kawasaki or Honda , Nano or Hummer , a pothole spares no one.
Omnipresent:      You may not find traffic police , working signal lights , traffic on the road but you’ll find a pothole – without fail.
Shapes:           As they say "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" – just have a closer look at a pothole  , you’ll see some real art-work in them , recently I saw a “India map shaped pothole” ( Not uploading picture because Kashmir was not represented accurately in that , and I would not like to get into any controversies).
Life Savers :       You know Speed thrills but Kills. But how many of you know that 1000's of accidents , every year ,  are prevented by these humble potholes , and the credit goes to speed - breakers . They are silent speed enforcers , so even if you miss the speed-limit sign , potholes would take care of your speed.
Perspective :     During rains , these beautiful natural wonders get filled with water – now its up to you to see if it’s half full or half empty.
Reminders:        Every pothole is inbuilt with an alarm and would remind you of your life insurance premium , your appointment with  Doc for backache , medical insurance and sometimes even need to visit a Temple , a Church or a Mosque.

Hope you got it .

Disclaimer :        This is neither an offer nor a solicitation to invest in potholes.  I or my family does not hold any interest, directly or indirectly in any of the potholes in India or outside.


Shiv said...

Sweet Post!!!

Sulabh Gupta said...

good start..

BK Chowla, said...

Very interesting, but it seems, you have had to work hard to put all this together

Unknown said...

Cool one...even i liked the "baker by night" thing as well....keep up the good thought work

Unknown said...

Thanks ShivJi , Sulabh , Chowla Sir and Karan.

Monika said...

LOL i liked this one

wise donkey said...

you have got me thinking . omnipresent, indeed. perhaps they represent God. must tell the government to not mess with God and repair them.

Dreamer said...

Popped in from Blogadda and thank goodness I did. Your post pretty much cracked me up!