Thursday, July 14, 2011

Think before you Twit or Pee !

  • Leave the Toilet  Twitter way you want to find it.
  • If you sprinkle while you tinkle, please wipe off the Toilet  Twitter.
  • Don’t leave Toilet  Twitter for someone else to clean up after you.
  • Don’t litter the Toilet  Twitter.
  • Don’t graffiti the Toilet  Twitter; it devalues your name and talent.
  • Please do not flush hygiene products down the Toilet  Twitter.
  • You may need to wash your hand after you visit the Toilet  Twitter.
  • Toilet  Twitter training should only be for toddlers, unless you’re starting yours this late.
  • This is Toilet  Twitter not your dustbin that you’ll spit chewing gum in it.
  • Do not start shitting before you are completely settled in the Toilet  Twitter.
  • Toilet  Twitter is not a place to discuss business.
  • Treat this Toilet  Twitter as your own.
              Follow them to avoid a stinking Toilet  Twitter.
PS: Image via internet, source unknown.