Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lego is life!

Typical weekend, I was 'busy' on twitter while watching India-England cricket match and my son was assembling a space-ship with his newly acquired "Lego Rotor Rescue" set. Suddenly he got restless, as his shape, which has come out very well, was not matching the instruction booklet. And, I was summoned to advice. While, I spotted the slight error but that would have required dismantling the whole set, I was also unsure if that would actually correct it.

So, I said "the instruction booklet is printed wrongly" . "Papa, are you sure" . "Yes" . In next 2 minutes, his space-ship was ready, minutely different than the one shown. And he was roaming around the house showing his creation to every family member. 

Son's creation!
I think Lego carries many a life lessons. 
  • Like Lego blocks, we can use the available 'resources/tools/blocks/skills' to make what WE want of our life.
  • We can reboot, restart, reassemble as many times as we want.
  • In spite of same resources, different people reach different outcomes.
  • Process of building blocks is time-consuming, arduous, painful but if you keep the end result in mind, it's worth it.
  • While having an instruction manual (parent / coach ) certainly helps, yet if you are determined, you can do without it. But, nothing like a 'parent' to start with.
  • Have a partner to play with, and see how interesting the "building block" journey is.
  • If you keep making the same thing out of your blocks, you may lose interest in Lego itself. Remember, Lego is just a set of finite blocks, but combinations you can make are nearly infinite - So is Life.