Saturday, October 19, 2013

Life lessons from Big Boss!

Yes, I do watch Big Boss 7. Before you judge me or unfollow, keep your hand on the heart and tell me, don’t you watch panel discussions or debates on news channels? Trust me, Big Boss has better cameras, sound systems and more natural settings. Even the contestants are better looking, less pretentious and comparatively more intelligent than most of the panelists on the news channels. And, Big Boss, the character, is more assertive and less rude than Arnab. Got It.

Ok, here are some very important or not so important life-lessons from the Big Boss 7.

No one fails in life. You may fail in one area or field that doesn't mean you are a failure; all you need to do is to find the right field or area to play. How else would you explain Tanisha getting popular on Big Boss 7.

There is nothing called heaven or hell, all it takes is one bad guy to make even heaven, a hell. Let’s not talk about Arman Kohli anymore.

Lack of food can bring the worst out of you. Maslow, you were right about our basic needs. Most of the fights between inmates happen because of food or lack of it only.

Coffee can really get addictive. Yes. When they asked Rajat Rawail to make a wish, he said ‘I want to meet my daughter or get me some coffee’.

There may be people who are more talented, good looking or better actors but if public likes a dude; he gets to play the Hero. Apologies to all Salman Khan fans.

You can make anyone, do anything, you just need to pay the right price. What else can make a Bollywood actor / actress clean toilets on a national TV or bathe in cow-dung. 

If you leave people to play a game, they will play Politics. They may hate it but do it all the time. And, all think that everyone else except them is playing politics.

When there are three or more close friends, and two of them fall in love with each other, rest start hating the couple without any reason. People may love birds but hate love-birds.

In Big Boss, there are no permanent friends or foes, only permanent interests. 

Finally, in Big Boss or life, be mindful of what you do or say, everything is being watched and can be used against you. 

Keep watching and learning.