Thursday, September 17, 2009

Missed Calls

While checking the missed call log of my handphone , came across a call from an old friend . Felt bad that i missed his call . I called him back and spoke to him after an year - good to connect with him.

Am wondering , there would be many such "Missed Calls"in life we don't know and call back - actually missed call may be a missed opportunit !

Plan B

Many of us would have our plan B ready , should the plan A fail – we will activate our plan B , Right ? And if you see , most of the time , our plan B would be – what we love to do ! and Plan A - What is easy , conventional , comforting , acceptable , secure to do .

If so , Just shuffle , start with Plan B – NOW !

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remix your Life

Many a times I listen to both the versions of a popular song – original and the remix . “Remix” is an Interesting concept , by adding a little beat , some new verses , tweaking the tempo - these DJs change the whole song and make it feel young . Many of the old songs actually are popular among this generation due to “remix” only

The idea is – to pep up your life , make it feel little different , younger – Remix . Try changing your wardrobe, your look, radically different color, new sport, accessories ……

Get out of the monotony, Be your own DJ – Remix your Life !

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Motivation - Kids' Way

Kids have their own interesting way of motivating them selves. Typical Monday scene – don’t want to go to school then comes some cute little demand – “need a new sharpener , a new crayon , pencil box , candies after I come from school , a new game on weekend etc etc “ and packs off to school smiling.

Try the same on your self , Its easy and works ! Monday comes every week , so do weekends !!

Kim Clijsters

What a come back ! Kim Clijsters took a two year break to start a family – got married , a baby and came back to U.S open with a bang . Beat Venus Williams 6-0 . 0-6 , 6-4 . What a victory.

2 Things –

Family comes first

You can always come back – if you want it strong enough