Saturday, April 12, 2008

Don't Live for your Inbox

Monday morning , 9.30am and you have just reached office . First thing you do is log in to your PC / Laptop and click on "outlook" express icon . Just the site of dropping of numerous emails makes you feel "arrived" in the office. Poor those who got VPN access or Blackberry ! they don't even have to wait for the beautiful Monday morning ; they do the same on late Sunday evening.

Emails have become way of corporate life and are every where . " I get 150 emails a day " proudly claims one of my friend.

These days "emails in the inbox" decide how your day would be ! and there are many like my friend who think number of emails you get is what determines your corporate clout.Email is fast , convenient , reliable , cost effective and perhaps the most accepted and are here to stay then why this blog post ?

One and only one reason is try " NO EMAIL DAY" ; Inspiration comes from "No Honking Day" . Intel started this concept as " Zero Email Friday" where they encouraged their engineers to talk to each other.

So tomorrow don't click on that "Outlook" icon on your PC ; Pick up the Phone or Walk up to your colleagues desk .

Don't live for your Inbox ; Warren Buffet does not even has a computer