Saturday, April 12, 2008

Don't Live for your Inbox

Monday morning , 9.30am and you have just reached office . First thing you do is log in to your PC / Laptop and click on "outlook" express icon . Just the site of dropping of numerous emails makes you feel "arrived" in the office. Poor those who got VPN access or Blackberry ! they don't even have to wait for the beautiful Monday morning ; they do the same on late Sunday evening.

Emails have become way of corporate life and are every where . " I get 150 emails a day " proudly claims one of my friend.

These days "emails in the inbox" decide how your day would be ! and there are many like my friend who think number of emails you get is what determines your corporate clout.Email is fast , convenient , reliable , cost effective and perhaps the most accepted and are here to stay then why this blog post ?

One and only one reason is try " NO EMAIL DAY" ; Inspiration comes from "No Honking Day" . Intel started this concept as " Zero Email Friday" where they encouraged their engineers to talk to each other.

So tomorrow don't click on that "Outlook" icon on your PC ; Pick up the Phone or Walk up to your colleagues desk .

Don't live for your Inbox ; Warren Buffet does not even has a computer


Anonymous said...

Hey Vikas !! Great thought buddy ; worth pushing across to all your friends and professional contacts via a CHAIN MAIL

Cheers !!
Amit Handoo

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog ...keet it up ....will surely be back to read some more ....Added to my favorites.

Cheers !!!
Handdo Amit

Plastic Products said...

I agree. Sometimes it's just ridiculous to communicate through text/emails when you could just open your mouth and get problems sorted out a lot faster than waiting for a person to respond to an email. I think alot of times people are scared of being put on the spot, but sometimes that is better. Catch someone off guard. You might get a more honest answer.