Sunday, March 11, 2012

I must be getting old !

I am sure you must have seen this Cadbury Silk TV Commercial. First time I saw this, I kind of liked it, must say I do like most of the Cadbury TVC. Next time when I saw, with my 7 and 9 year old kids around and the song in the back ground - "Kiss me, Close your eyes, Miss Me….. Close Your Eyes, Kiss Me, I can wet your lips and your fingertips and Happiness in your Eyes" I felt little awkward. My kids enjoyed it, even tried humming the jingle and were looking amused-I am sure it was due to the way characters were having chocolate than anything else.

I think, these actors must be in early-teens and these days it may be ok for kids in early teens to develop a liking for chocolate eating opposite sex. Since then, when ever I see this ad, I started focusing on the way they are eating a chocolate instead of the lyrics and the age of the characters. 

Btw, I must acknowledge that when I see those "meethe mein kya hai" ads, I still think that when hubby asks his wife "meethe mein kya hai" , his eyes suggests he is hinting beyond cadbury. Anyways, let's not digress. 

Then came, this Vodafone TVC. Again, I liked the concept and even kids are very cute. But,  early-teens was still ok, but what the hell is this going on here. I'm sure now the characters are not more than 9-10 years old.  Now, a 9 year old having a crush ! What are we portraying here?

I may have liked "Maine Pyaar Kiya" but  I'm certainly not from the generation which thinks "Ek Ladka aur Ladki kabhi dost nahin ho satke", yet, showing 9-10 year olds developing such liking for opposite sex. 

 Isn't it too much, Or, it's just that I am getting old?