Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Family, TV & The Dirty Picture!

A confession first, I am yet to see The Dirty Picture so still don't know how dirty it is. And, this post is not just about that. I am the same Dad who got disturbed over Vodafone TVC showing "under 10" opposite sex kids "liking" each other. I understand the outrage over our Government disallowing the movie to be telecasted at 12noon – How can bunch of people decide what we can see and what not! Other reason for some getting upset was, if there are already ~56 cuts, the picture isn’t dirty any more. Many said, the same people who were caught watching porn in the assembly, are involved in sex-tapes are now being holier than thou. Point !
Yet, being a Dad, I was still apprehensive about if I can see it with my 7 & 9 year old! You may disagree but, my idea of TV in a family is still that it’s about family viewing. I still think that TV programs, during day time that too on weekends, should be such that people aged 5 to 50 can watch, together.  

I’m sure all those who were outraging over “the dirty picture” ban would have watched the movie with their 7 year old daughter and 70 year old mother, right?

I’m also sure that you had an answer when your 7 year old asks “Papa, aunty kah rahee ki - "Mujhe jo chahiye, uska mazaa sirf raat ko hi aata hain" – kiska maja raat ko aata hai ” .

Won't you get disturbed when your 8 year old laughs hysterically over “Holi khelne ka shauk hai, par teri pichkari me dum nahi..!" and says, “Papa meri pichkari mein to bahut dum hai”.

Now imagine, if a 6 year old asks his Mom – “Mom, can you also make an omlette on your tummy like Vidya Aunty, please na”.

Well, personally, I wouldn’t have watched the movie with my kids or my mom – old school of thought may be. I buy your point that there is no dearth of such exposure these days, Internet, TV Ads, even cartoon shows show such kind of stuff. Yet, why make it so easy for kids that they switch on a popular channel, on a Sunday, and see Vidya Balan showing cleavage or making omlette on her tummy.
Happy to discuss.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Following Passion - Plan B!

Enough of this crap about leave your job to "chase your dream", "do what you love" or "follow your passion". Lucky you! if your job is also your passion. Don't read further.

I am talking about being in a full-time day job,not necessarily your dream, yet pursue your passion. Leaving day job is not easy, if not home loan EMI, In-laws won't let you resign. If your Missus is convinced, desire to upgrade to iphone 5 shall bind you to your job.

Well, every one can't be Chetan Bhagat-who claims that he left his plum job to folow his passion. By the way, the kind of books he write, forget passion, I think he's again in the rat race to make money and fame. Any ways, let's not digress.

I believe that jobs are not meant for having fun, if that was the case, they wouldn't pay you. So, if you are not doing a job that's your passion, that doesn't make you a loser. 

All I suggest is: 
  • Do your job well, bloody well.
  • And, have fun with all the money you make from your job.

Trust me, this is as simple as I say. Let's say you're a management consultant, in-charge of selling some software to customers. That may not be your passion, yet, do it so well that they pay you well.

Now the fun begins, use that money to follow your passion. If painting is what you love, buy the best of painting accessories, hire best of the teachers and enjoy. You love photography, pick up the best SLR and go clicking. If travelling is what you enjoy, just do it.

Those, who say money can't buy happiness, perhaps don't know how to spend it.