Friday, October 12, 2012

I am lovin it!

I am no Robin Sharma, then Robin Sharma is also not me. So here is a simple post on some lame and not so lame things that keep me going.

New Crayons - This I learnt from my kids, 8 and 10 year old. Keep buying some new stuff for yourself, say every weekend, fortnight or alternate Monday. Anything, new socks, cufflinks, pen, shirt, belt, bag, perfume, bag, wallet, book. Anything. 

Brag and Broadcast - If you thought about it, just flaunt it. Many of my friends and relatives know that I want to read 4 more books and be 84 kg ( 88 now)  by Dec 31. Not sure if I'll be able to make it, yet, I told them about this. The fact that they may ask or just a temptation to announce the progress, keeps me going. So, Brag. 

No Rhyme or reason - When was the last time you did something without thinking. Say go late to office, bunk a meeting and come home early. Call up a person in your phone book without thinking what to talk. Do it first, think later.

Pepsi and Maggi – Cooking, eating or both, there's nothing like food. Be it cooking Maggi or Dosa for kids, midnight refrigerator hunting or Pepsi with lime and Tabasco - food makes life. Live to eat. I do. 

Kids - Man, if you don't have kids you are missing something. Just a glimpse and they make you forget every thing.

Weekends - Yes, I start waiting for the weekend, Monday onward. Plans or no plans, weekends are just awesome. 

Friends at Work - Have some friends at work, real friends, it's a must. Find people whom you can talk with - without competing - anytime. Rule is simple, a friend at work is someone with whom you can bitch about your boss, his boss and others' boss and still be in the job. Find one, today.

Passion – Not giving any gyan here to have a hobby, pursue passion etc. Just have something other than work. Say painting, blogging, running, cooking, volunteering, reading.  Not that you need to stick to one, keep shuffling.

Joy of Small things - Celebrate, do it more often. If you are running, it's not that you need to wait for completing marathon to celebrate. Cherish, your first km. Cherish and celebrate when you complete 5k on a weekend. Celebrate every mile.

Thank God - Yes, I do. All you need to do is look up and acknowledge HIS presence. 

Man, life is good, find a reason to enjoy it, you’ll get many.