Saturday, June 26, 2010

How to get ReTweeted

Twitter is not about Tweeting , It’s about ReTweeting rather getting ReTweeted . I know many of you keep refreshing your time lines in hope that some one RTs you , and whenever you think you have written something interesting – the person who RTs is God at that point of time.

Now lets see , how to get RTed .

Remember , Ingredients of any RT are – A tweet , some space and a tweep to RT.

KISS - I know you always find it difficult to squeeze your wisdom in 140 characters , but if you want to get RTed , you need to give space to others . Remember , no one would bother to shorten your tweet to RT , so KISS – Keep it Short ,Stupid.

Content – I know many of your tweets are comical , wittier , informative than any other damn guy on the Twitter , but that’s not enough . If you think otherwise, don’t read further and go tweet.

Now that’s where your contribution to the RT ends and creativity begins.

Mentions – Mention people generously, Tweeps are gullible and get trapped easily , also they think that you considered them important enough for mention.

Timing – Be it Sex , Comedy , Love or Worldcup – Timing does matter. So stalk some people with 1000+ followers , and Tweet when that fellow is online , then tweet and mention his / her name at the end. When online , instead of scrolling down and seeing old tweets , people concentrate more on the latest tweets so likelihood of RT is more.

Interests – Find people with similar interest , and mention their name at the end . Person would RT because He / She thinks that you have considered him expert in that area .

Quid Pro Quo ( 69) – When ever you are free , Keep RTing - even if the content is crap , remember you are RTing that fellow in anticipation , so more you RT , more you get RTed. Remember , you are not the only one who wants to get RTed , every one else does.

Never say , Please RT – Why to state the obvious.

Say Thanks – I think your Mom would have told you this , it works.

Great , now that you have finished reading , you know what to do :)