Thursday, April 09, 2009

Elevator Pitch

I am really excited about this concept ; Its about being able to express your idea in an elevator ride , minute or so . If you log in to twitter – it also speaks about “one line bio” and even the messages are limited to 140 character (single sms).

So your single “tweets” has to be of 140 character or lesser and still be carrying the message for your followers. I tried to be clear , effective and powerful in 140 characters .

Hi,am vikas , am working on a text based idea 4 ur weekend plan. Say u want to go to watch play just sms “ plays 10 march powai” and sen

That’s where my 140 characters end . That the challenge of brevity .

I think that’s what we all need to master while meeting seniors, making presentations, meeting clients, peers etc. If you are not able to express yourself / your idea in first couple of minutes or even lesser , you are wasting space .