Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Year Resolutions, WTF!

Like every year, in 2011 beginning too, I did the drill called Making New Year Resolutions. And, again like every year, they were same as the last year, and many earlier years.

Now with 40 days to go in 2012, dilemma is – Should I start working on the New Year 2012 resolutions, or, revisit and do a progress check on the year 2011 ones. 

December 2010, till now, few of my key plans were around:

Fitness:  Started the year with a weight of 87kg, with plans to go to 80kg ( OK, 82 ). This is the resolution, which is on my mind daily, yet it’s just on my mind and doesn’t reflect well on my rear or front. Every day, I tell myself - will start running from tomorrow for sure. My iPod and Nike shoes are in never ending wait that the dude will come and dust us.  With weight touching 89, I’m sure this resolution will go a long way.

Reading / UpSkilling: Thought of completing some in-house job-related certifications, 2 sets of courses, one needs some 14 exams to clear and I am stuck at 11. Other can’t be started till I clear all the 14 exams of the first level. Initial goal was to read at least a book a month, and all I read till now was, 2 fictions – Chanakya Chants & Revolution 2020.

Writing: Wanted to move beyond blogging and start writing a fiction, yet to begin.

NGO: Was pretty sure on this one, will start an NGO definitely in 2011 – self-funded to begin with. Did some work, had some ideas, contacted some wonderful people ( must mention here Chandni - @fundacause and Vibhuti  @dheelidhakkan ) , yet no traction here also.

With 40 days yet to go, still none of these seem to be near conclusion. With this in mind, am sure for 2012, all I need to do is : New Year Resolutions 2011 2012 .