Thursday, June 03, 2010

Brick-bats n Bouquets via Twitter!

Warning : I may insult you while i write this , so think twice before going ahead . Also , just because you're featured here doesn't make you great - try earning it !

I follow around 100 odd people , and have chosen you all for a particular reason , prime purpose of remains entertainment while i am attending meetings .

What irritates me
Don't say just for the sake of saying , some times its better to post a blank tweet .
" I'm hungry" " have nothing interesting to say" - Go eat then , don't tweet

Its Twitter , not a chat room
"When r u reaching gurgaon" >"not possible today">"lets catch up at Noida">"8 o clock" - Why TF bother me and 100 others , go on yahoo chat , BB messenger or G Talk

Dear Mom , I ................
"Just had a 'light' lunch of fried bhindi, stuffed baingan, kofta & chana + missi roti" "- You really think , ur 450 followers want to know this unless you are SRK or Justin F*******

I don't have money for classified ads , and my hostel doesn't have a notice board
"Want a WiFi modem for rent/borrow. x_X Anyone interested" - Even if you get your modem from 1 , you have annoyed other 999 without any fault of theirs.

Hash Tag Jockeys
"#Steve #Jobs #apple #america #funny #ipad" - WTF

I like them , Be like them
@jhunjhunwala for everything esp being modest , jahanpanah tussi great ho

@spymaami don't ask me why i like her , u fu*****

@ashwinsanghi being a wordsmith , must be cousin of william wordsworth

@amancool5 for your serious tweets n even serious looks ( once a senior , always a senior)

@sunainak "I love hate storys", u make effort or its natural ?

@krishashok did you invent #hashtag?

@rameshsrivats Hats off !

Enough of praise , now get back tweeting please , i have a meeting to attend !