Friday, April 30, 2010

Twitter is not easy , So is Life!

Though I created my twitter account more than a year back but got active on twitter only recently ( @vikaspgoel ). The whole idea of being able to say some thing meaningful in < 140 characters , excites me . Now after more than 500 tweets , have learnt that Twitter is not easy , so is life !

Life also doesn't give you long to prove your self , here its 140 characters that's it.

You work hard to get followers on twitter , so in life ! - After 500 tweets , all i have is a set of 36 followers

You think you are at wittiest best , and never get quoted ( Read RT )

You say smart things in forums / meetings , still don't get mentioned.

You ask questions to leaders , managers but don't get answers.

You get jealous of peers for having more than you inspite of your calibre - how come his followers are more than yours

People take credit of others' work - Read RT without mention

You quietly admire people still don't acknowledge - checking timelines but yet not follow

You admire people just because others' admire - tend to follow who got more follwers

You are serious and people ridicule you - replying with a smiley

You never know actually how many like you - may be 3600 followers check my timeline but not follow me :)

Twitter is not easy , So is Life!


Aman said...

Dear Vikas,

Initial struggle is unavoidable. But I have observed you are witty and within a few months, you should be among the more popular tweeps!

I agree with what you say of celebrity personalities. Better to invest time in interacting with 'common mortals'.

What you are experiencing are 'growth pangs' which is normal. Deja vu for me, as you relive what I went through too!

All the best in your Twitter journey!

Twitter id : @amancool5

Gina said...

Hellooo Vikas,

I think we can all relate to your frustrations and wondering if you are reaching anyone :) I think it's so very important not to take anything on Twitter too seriously,and try to just have fun and benefit from cool info. We never know how much time any one person has to "manage" their twitter account & try to reply to people. I address this a wee bit on my post "Be Gentle with the Giants"...which I thought about and write long before I reached a pretty "busy" timeline myself :)
Hope this helps a little...DO know that we all still wonder why someone didn't reply to our witty comments on the RTs we did of their posts...don't worry - be happy ;-)
Thoughtful post - thank you!

Vikas P Goel said...

Thanks Gina , sthougtful of yo to have found time to read and then comment.