Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vacationing, take it easy!

I am not at all an expert in travelling or vacationing, but when everyone else is busy giving ‘gyan’ then why not me.

Holiday / Vacation – Time away from normal employment or education called as vacation when (usually) spent away from home or in travelling.
Tea Gardens - Munnar
Most of us take vacation, reasons may be different though:
  • Break from Job, Boss or both.
  • Succumbing to family pressure – vacation demand.
  • Love for travelling or nature.
  • Claiming LTA ( Indian govt. Sector would understand this)
  • Just because your neighbor, friend or colleague keep boasting about their vacation.
  • Your brother in law from US gifted you a Nikon D 40.
  • Fed up of watching others’ vacation pics on Facebook.
  • To avoid wife's home cooked food.
You may have other reasons for taking a vacation, but do take a vacation once a while, other than giving you a break it also gives your maid some rest. Well, if you are thinking that I'll give you some tips on vacationing with your maid - stay away, one guy just lost his job because of a maid.

As I said I am going to give some gyan on Dos n Donts about vacationing, here I begin.
  • Don’t plan too much, it’ll hardly work.
  • Travel Lite, no point in carrying that new dress where no-one knows you.
  • Never ever carry a checklist of the “sites / points” to cover, take it easy.
  • No need to stretch yourself to visit one more site – “Now that we have come so far, let’s see that 'Sunset point' also”.
  • Enjoy the local food – Why the hell you would like to have Paneer butter masala and rajma chawal in Kerala?
  • Your Camera is to capture what you like, but first enjoy the view. There’s nothing better than capturing the beauty in your own memory through the twin lenses called eyes.
  • Forget Facebook and Twitter, updates can happen later - soak in the moment.
  • Trust local people, your driver, waiter, guide - everyone’s not a thug.
  • Treat waiters with respect, you have bought the food only not the restaurant or the waiter.
  • Don’t feel guilty just because you spend the day sleeping, you’ve come to relax, unwind and enjoy.
  • Avoid blackberry, iphone – your office can run without you.
  • Take it easy, there's always a next time.


Surekha Pillai said...

arre! half of us go on a vacation so that we could tweet about it.

BK Chowla, said...

ood post.
But, dos and dont really must be done on age group basis.

Sunil said...

Vikas what reco for hotels. planning to go to Munnar in July