Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Real Work Culture

Well , If you are looking for a new job for reasons other than salary , then this space is for you . I was wondering there's no space where we can find some info about the so called work culture in the organisation we are going to join . You just got through an interview and got an offer letter, salary seems ok , grade suits you , job nature is more or less discussed , company reputaion is damn good , office ( you went there for an interview ) was extremely good, HR lady was pretty and seems to be caring .

So here you are , ready to join and be happy for rest of your life .

Six months later , your cell phone caller tune is " My job Sucks" . But what went wrong ? You checked all you can possibly check , but still unhappy . You sat , and try to find out what went wrong or why you are not satsfied ( remember it's not salary ) .

1. Your Boss
The only time he was good to you last when he interviewed you .
2. You Job Objectives
What the hell ? you were told some thing else and doing some thing else ?
3. The Culture
Well , it just sounds good in your organisations' advertisement
4. Your colleagues
All looking for change
5. Human Resources
All they do is hire humans and forget them , pretty lady in HR doesn't even smiles at you .

Is there any way we could have some idea about this , .. Yes does not sound that difficult , all you need is to have some contacts in this company .

But you had , one of your "Distant friend" ( Your batchmate's spouse's friend ) was working with this company , and was happy and gave you good feedback .

Well my idea is let's have a community which can help you reach to an extent to the people who work or associated with:

Your would be Boss
Your to be Department
Your to be colleagues

Trust me , it's not that difficult and aleast can help us acclimatise with the people we are going to work with .

I am working to develop a website for this community and would like to have volunteers ( anonymous or Bindaas ) ready to provide insights about their ' Real work culture'.

I being in Financial Services would love to have a community of people spread accross locations in India working with CitiBank , GE , ICICI , HDFC , ABN Amro , Deutche , StanC , HSBC and many more .

Post your comments , write to me at
"Great Place to work" or "my job sucks" ?

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