Saturday, January 11, 2014

Time Please!

There were times when when our time was categorised in two buckets - Free time or Busy time.
Times have changed, so has classification of time, I guess. Now, it has taken many many forms. Broadly, I think, it can be classified as under :
  • Money time 
  • Others’ time
  • Our time
  • Me time
Money time : Time we spend in office, working or otherwise. I know some of you will say you love your job, don’t work for money and all that. But, largely, for most of us, Office time is money time.

Others’ time : Time which you spend with someone else but may not necessarily enjoy but others do. 

       Spouse time : Well, married folks would understand this. It is that part of the time which
       you spend out of love (or fear). A friend says, Dinner with In-laws could be one such

       Kids’ time : This is when your kids drag you to do something which they enjoy but you
       may not. 

       Family time : Attending a cousin’s marriage, isn’t it?

PS: If you also start enjoying, this is no more Others’ time but Our time. Office parties, for most of us, are part of money time. 

Me time : Time which you spend on your own for your own, doing what you like which doesn’t involve anyone else. This could be running, listening to music with earplugs on, writing, painting etc.

Our time : Together time, with friends, family, spouse, kids, which all of you equally enjoy. A family vacation, watching a movie together.

Now comes the tricky part, to balance this all. Safely, I can say Money time and Others’ time are what we want to avoid altogether but mostly unsuccessful. 
And, Me time and Our time is what we strive to maximise. There is also a tussle between Me time and Our time, we regret more if Me time comes at the expense of Our time. 

In the end, all I can say is look at the below chart and see how you try maximising your happiness with least regret or guilt. 

Thanks for your time!


Shiv said...

Very well written.

One can have good time too, like time spent on reading this blog post.

Viyoma said...

Hahaa, to be honest, it looks like u were practicing excel graphs on your blog.
My take away from this post- the wonderful colour combinations of ur pie chart.