Monday, April 15, 2013

Pain is inevitable, Praying is optional !

At the hospital, 1.45PM.
She : Doctor is in an emergency, you'll have to wait.
Me : But I have an appointment.
She : Sir, I know, but he is in an emergency. Please wait.
Me: How long he'll take?
She: Sir, please pay 800 towards his fee and wait.

After waiting for more than an hour.

Me: Can you please check if the Doctor is free, I am having severe back-ache and finding difficult to even sit and wait.
She : Sir, he'll be here any moment, please wait.

After 15 minutes
She: Sir, there's the Doctor, you can go and visit him now.
Me : Thanks

In Doctor's Cabin, 3.30PM
Me: Doc, I am having severe back pain for last 2 days.
Doc: Please lie down there. 
*Lifts my left leg, right leg, left and right both*
Doc: Take these tablets twice a day for 5 days and apply this gel when in pain.
Me: Doc, I am right now in pain.
Doc: Don't worry. And, please send the next patient on your way out. 

Out of Doctor's Cabin, 3:32 PM
Me: God, you there? If you had to make me remember you, should have told, why this route. 
God: Haha! Wait for the doctor : 1.5 hrs. Time with the doctor: 2 minutes. And, in less than 5 seconds you remembered me! By the way, don't curse the Doc, what a priest can't achieve even after hours of sermons, they do it by not paying attention in less than 2 minutes. 
And, always remember , "Pain is inevitable, Praying is still optional" 


Abhay Goel said...

Doctor's are a pain in the you know where..

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