Friday, June 17, 2011


Like everyone else even I was waiting for CokeStudio India. Must admit that it has got nothing to do with my love of Music, Coke or MTV. Like most other things in life, it was all about herd instinct.

For about a month or so, my timeline is abuzz with mentions of CokeStudio Pakistan. Frankly speaking, as far as music is concerned, even I am a big fan of Pakistan. You got it wrong, it's less to do with Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan but more to do with www.songXX.Pk ( name withheld on request), my one stop shop for music.

Some say it’s a real game changer for MTV, it'll put Music back to MTV blah blah. But, I am sure that after producing trendsetting and inspiring shows like Roadies & SplitsVilla,  MTV doesn’t give a damn to M.

Finally the day arrived, had earmarked this day in my calendar. I didn’t even accept any meeting after 5 today so that I can reach home before 7. It took me almost 45 seconds to find MTV Channel on my TV, last I remember switching on MTV when Cyrus Broacha was young and Cyrus Sahukar wasn’t even born. Atlast, I was watching Shaan on the CokeStudio and was glad that like everything else we’ll bollywoodise this also. 

But, all that begun well didn’t end well for me, this is not what an Indian expects from a music programme.

Where the hell were judges in this – Talented Himesh, Anu Malik, Farah Khan, not even Archana Pooran Singh. Now how would I know whether Chinna Ponnu’s scale was correct or not. I still miss Himesh, his cap and his crap ( sorry,  I mean Jai Mata Di, let’s rock). Now in absence of an eminent judge like Farah Khan, who would tell Harshdeep that she lacks that X factor and good singing is not everything.

Scoring – Now this is really lame, how can you guys watch a musical without scoring? Imagine talented Archana Pooran Singh scoring participants at the CokeStudio  and giving 7/10 to Kailash Kher and 9/10 to Khagen Gogoi. For an average audience scores of experts like Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Archana are must to judge and compare the finesse of these performers.

Drama – Simple plain signing , written introduction and then singing again – What the hell is this. Why these guys didn’t show Sabri Brothers' rags to riches story, why cameramen didn’t visit their village to show their old parents, neighbours and even family cow. How about showing Priyanka Chopra and Uday Chopra introducing Shaan ? Why Tochi’s family was not in the audience with camera focusing on them every time he picks a high scale note.

Seems there’s no MBA in CokeStudio team, how can you have a reality music show with no movie stars coming and promoting their movie. SRK could have come to promote RaOne.  Tushaar, Arshad, Sharman should have been called to promote Golmaal-9, they would also have judged the show. Talented Tushaar Kapoor would have given a tip or two to Sabri Bros.

Last and the most important , NO VOTE APEEAL – now this is ridiculous. Harshdeep should have appealed for vote , especially from Punjab. Being a Punjabi, I was ready with my mobile and would have spent  Rs. 7 to “save her”.  This is really bad for the economy as well.

Let’s watch the next episode coming Friday, if they don’t correct themselves even then , one of you should fast in front of CokeStudio .


Aditya Nandode said...

Nowadays, everything can be solved with a fast! I will fast to start a beerstudio! Coke is for kids.

Shiv said...

Great Post!
Fast ki kasaam!

Indian Girl said...

gaaya to apne bahut achcha par feel nahi aai , aage se dil se gaana , mera waada hai main main main tumhe bahut bada singer banauga

mepretentious said...

Very interesting and was a quick delivery too!
Though I have not watched it for myself, but am sure being fed on a healthy diet of Reality shows, would find it as staid as described.

Would keep clued in!

Randomness said...

Stumbled onto your blog by accident. Interesting thought on Coke Studio. But I must say that the audience for Coke Studio and for other reality TV shows is different. This will catch on as long as they keep playing good music.

Zeba said...

I was waiting for it too. Mildly curious. Haven't been disappointed yet..