Sunday, July 11, 2010

UnFollow Saturday

Well if you can have Follow Friday , why can’t I have UnFollow Saturday . Time is precious , so is my TimeLine . I understand that its rude to “UnFollow” any one esp , being an Indian where they say “Atithi Devo Bhava ~ Guest is God” .

Still , other than time , its also about space and with a 2” by 2” blackberry screen , I can’t afford to have too many Creets ( Crap Tweets) on my TimeLine. Just imagine , I am in a very important office meeting , get a comfort break for couple of minutes , decide to use it for having a look at my Twitter Timeline and all I get is “ tweets with links without even mentioning what they contain”. I scroll down to see , and the other ones are quotes . It affects my productivity as well for the balance part of my meeting.

So on weekends I do this drill called “UnFollow Saturday” , here are my standards what makes some qualify for this prestigious drill .

RT Jockeys : All they do is RT , RT this , that ever thing else . If you don’t have anything original to say , you don’t have a place in my timeline .Just follow people and enjoy .

Quote Maniacs: By now I remember all what Winston Churchill , Mahatma Gandhi , Lucy , Nancy and Tina have said , remember if I Google I’ll get all the damn quotes , subject wise , done neatly . Why should I follow you for someone else’s quotes.

Serial Twiller: I repeat , my time n the space on my blackberry screen is precious , so I don’t want to see you , you n only you when I scroll down . Have a break, try Kit Kat.

Chat on Twitter: I know you both get along very well , you want to know what did She have for Dinner , Whether the Red dress you bought together is fitting well or not – But do that on G Talk , Yahoo , BB Messenger etc . Why the hell I and other 117 people should know your conversation.

Threesome: I have to unfollow 2 of you if you just keep on ReTweeing each other , don’t you think it’s better to follow 1 of you and get goodness of 3.

If after reading this , you are inspired to UnFollow me or any one else , just let me know the reason so that I can add in the blog. Thanks

Disclaimer: List is not exhaustive and i may unfollow you for reasons other than this also.


rindojustrindo said...

(quote)"Why the hell I and other 117 people should know your conversation."(unquote)

Why the hell should they even care what you think? You're the one who decided to follow them in the first place, remember?

Twitter is not Facebook: "follow"ing does NOT mean "friend"ing. If you follow someone, you're doing so of your own volition - with or without that someone's consent (or awareness, for that matter). If you have issues with what they tweet, if their RTs and their two-way conversations upset your appetite or your morning yoga, unfollow them by all means - it's your timeline after all. But quit the griping.

Now that we're at it, add this to the list of people we should unfollow - the holier-than-thou whiners.

*clicks 'unfollow'*

Diabolic Preacher said...

I seem to violate a lot of your rules :) However I'll try and see if a workaround is possible.

I could be a serial Twiller (sounded like one who kills and hence reduces tweets). I did use to post links that I read through feeds or major blogs, but starting from a day or 2 back, I'm almost cutting down on links and using diigo (social bookmarking) service to save links. Twitter followers are always welcome to check on that page and share without crediting me.
However most of the other non-link tweets I realise are not time critical. I'm not a "see the player kick the ball and tweet the distance the ball travelled" person. So I use this new habit of saving up all my micro-thoughts in a text file and post them all in one shot. Now you could suggest perhaps a less busy time like night when I could post these. This means I need to stay awake at night (not that I complain) and people in opposite hemisphere will get bugged by the surge.

Most popular Quote Maniac is @flipbooks :) and most ppl RT those tweets.

I really would like to know how some users' timelines get overflooded with conversations, unless you follow both the persons. I think 'replies to others' is hidden by default.

Do see my blog for a post on relevance of RT and let me know what you think.

Diabolic Preacher said... thanks for commenting. letting you know, i replied to it, if you'd like to see.